Pravara Rural College of Education Pravaranagar

Vision & Mission


Pravara Rural College of Education envisions globally competent, morally responsible, socially committed and highly dedicated student teachers to the noble cause of education for rural areas


  • All round development of student teachers.
  • Compassions for other sense of responsibility and adherence to  code of ethics for teacher.
  • Develop research attitude and competencies in teaching pedagogy.
  • Train students teacher using technology and its application in day to day classroom teaching in rural area.
  • Promote learning inside and outside of the classroom.


  • To provide an opportunities for continuing professional development and efficiency of student teachers.
  • To assist student teachers in understanding principles, techniques, methods,  process of teaching and learning.
  • To help student teachers in organizing, supervising and participating in curricular and co-curricular activities of  the school.
  • To help student teachers in rural area in understanding  the nature of child i.e. his or her abilities, aptitudes, instinct, ambition and  intelligence etc.

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